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Tips, documentation and requirements to travel to Zambia

To travel to this African country we do not need to apply for a visa at the Zambian Consulate of our country since we will obtain the visa at the Migration Office of the Zambia Airport at the time of entering this destination.


At the airport we will be asked for a passport that has a minimum of six months of validity and for 35 euros we will receive a seven-day visa (both to enter the country and transit). But if we require another type of visa or one that allows us a longer stay, we must only request it and pay the corresponding fee.

For example, for a single entry visa we must pay a fee of 50 euros; for a double entry a fee of 70 euros and for a multiple entry a fee of 130 euros. The maximum length of stay will be 30 days and in all cases we will have to own the return or connection ticket.


travel to Zambia

To travel to Zambia there are no mandatory vaccines, however, vaccines against typhus, hepatitis, tetanus and cholera are recommended.

In addition, due to its tropical climate and large areas of vegetation, it has areas where we can contract malaria and malaria during most of the year, so it is recommended to vaccinate against these diseases or, before traveling, administer pills against these pathologies.


travel to Zambia

This destination usually suffers from constant droughts, the same that generate that many sectors cannot have crops and generates poverty, so, so that this does not affect our trip, it is recommended not to travel in times of intense heat.

On citizen security, it is important to indicate that this country is not highly dangerous but if we must have a series of precautions such as avoiding the center of the cities after 19:00 or 20:00 hours, as well as the surroundings of the Falls Victory.

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