Tips for entertaining on the plane

When we do a Travel by plane for several hours, the safest thing is that if we do not travel at night (this facilitates our predisposition to sleep) we can get bored no matter how much we have the multimedia system of the plane at our disposal to listen or view content. Not getting bored on the plane ends up being a challenge for any traveler, but, we have some suggestions that will allow us to have fun and feel that time has flown by:

Electronics devices. Although in several moments of the trip we will have to turn them off and we can only use them in airplane mode (without WiFi connectivity) we can have our iPod or electronic tablet with games, movies, books and musical galleries that keep us entertained. Let's not forget to upload our favorite music.

Read write. Either electronically or in a book, this choice apart from entertaining will give us what to do for several hours. If we manage a blog, web, or just like to write, these travel hours can be dedicated to update our notes (if we are carrying the laptop on the trip, we can use it for these activities). If we do not have a book we can request magazines or newspapers on the commercial flight.

Audiobooks / Movies. Ideal for those who prefer not to have their eyes fixed on one point, as it has to be when reading, and who want to hear more than music. With the audiobooks we just have to relax and listen. It is feasible that we have available a personal multimedia system in each seat or that they place a movie for the entire flight, in both cases, this will keep us entertained for at least a couple of hours or more.

Socialize. If we travel alone these hours can be a possibility to talk and meet other people, such as our seat partner, it is ideal to start a pleasant conversation and general topics. With a pleasant conversation we will not realize the passing of the hours.

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