Tips for Hosting

A prevailing part of our vacation is not only the destination we have chosen to visit and enjoy, but also to rest as it should after an arduous and strenuous day of work or fun.

That is why we present the guide that gives us the best knowledge and power when choosing where we will rest without having to worry.

Choosing the best hotel that best suits our conditions and our pocket is one of the steps that takes more time, but if we want to skip all this, we can go to any tourism company where we will go to request guidance and help in this matter, already by custom the employees of these offices are aware of the hotel system, their rates and can adapt to any that meet our requirements. It is advisable to anticipate the departure date, the sooner we reserve better opportunities to choose good rooms we will have since for the last dates or during the high seasons the hotels are already full and if this is not the objective of the entrepreneurs to fill the rooms without discriminating quality or tastes.

Remember to always take the data of the person who has attended us at the time of making the reservation, your full name, employee number, our reservation number and verify the provision of value or time in which our reservation will remain active.

We must take into account that many times we want to anticipate the day, leaving very early to arrive at the hotel in the morning, leave luggage and then go out to enjoy the whole day…. But here is a pause! The vast majority of hotels, free rooms from 1pm or 13 pm, at which time they will give us the key to accommodate us. To take it into account huh!

It often happens that many times that our reservation was automatically withdrawn by the hotel administration (in which case they have to notify the customer in advance), due to excess of arrived guests. So if it is our case to present ourselves at the hotel, we will kindly wait for the administration's proposal, which in these cases will send us to a family hotel at the company's. If this fails or there is a need to defend our intentions, we will kindly ask to speak with the manager who is the best at understanding the needs and loyalty of the clients, in addition to having the authority, and of course sometimes we will receive some Good deal or discount on our visit!

At the end of our stay it is always necessary to review what we have to leave behind, since we have all gone through the feeling when we are already moving that more of something we have forgotten, if we have forgotten something!

So we will check the room, under the beds, in the drawers, in the service, showers, behind the curtains and behind the doors.


We hand over the keys and leave with a smile ready to return home!

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