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Tips for light travel

Before embarking on the adventure, our first goal and moment of indecision for many is to pack! Of course, unless we have at our disposal a whole handball team that loads everything for us! Do not? Well then go to work for some exercise with our luggage from home to the car, from the car to the airport, and then to the hotel, of course not counting some other unplanned tours or extra steps….

Although we know that this may be something beneficial for your heart, we are also aware that no one likes to suffer penalties and much less fatigue for luggage! But many times all this burden is pure extra! Since we pack some things that will not serve us or will actually be useful. Let’s see our guide!

Travel tips

Sure and prevailing:

– Try to pack light, fresh and not thick clothes. According to the weather. If you go to a climate that is warm during the day, pack some light and non-white shirts. Also remember that usually the nights become somewhat cool with winds, so a raincoat will work perfectly.

– Your clothes instead of folding it by squares, try to roll them up until they are compacted in a tubular way, so it will take up less space and the folds will not be noticeable.

– Cleaning, yes. Toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lenses and their solutions, disposable shavers, a towel and shampoo, makeup (the essential for business trips, if you go for pleasure, enjoy nature!).

– A pair of lenses.

– Comfortable shoes and not new, because your feet would have to get used and you can go through uncomfortable moments.

– A USB stick where you will keep a copy of all your important information such as documents and passports.

– A small flashlight and a NET knife.

– A wrist watch with alarm.

– A bottle of water.

And finally, if you plan to bring a gift for someone with whom you are going to meet on your trip, try to wrap it in cardboard paper and place it in the bag that the plane will carry, not in your carry-on bag, as this could take you with a series of questions unnecessary! Remember only what is necessary!

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