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Tips for long flights

If we are going to make a Travel by plane and this is more than ten hours without stops, we must take into account a series of considerations so as not to get bored, overwhelmed, and even happen something that causes us health problems (for example, diabetic people they cannot sit for many hours in the same position because this can cause circulatory complications, so they should take precautionary measures before a trip of more than eight or ten hours).

How to overcome a long trip by plane? Here are a series of recommendations to avoid from the popular tourist class syndrome to other more particular complications.

• Take off our shoes or travel in sneakers that are more comfortable and keep our feet ventilated and at rest.

• Walk through the aisles of the plane at least every two hours to avoid circulation problems and thrombosis can be generated.

• Stretch the legs, even perform rotation exercises of the lower extremities. If in our seat we do not feel comfortable for these exercises we can perform them in the waiting area that is in the bathroom area.

• To rest on a long flight it is recommended to use silicone or rubber earplugs – in order to isolate ourselves from external noises – in addition to having a neck pad. If we are nervous when traveling, it is recommended to sleep as little as possible the 48 before the flight.

• Just as we recommend lines up when traveling with comfortable shoes or in any case put on resting socks, it is also recommended to travel with light clothes or wear a change of light clothes to place it on the plane.

• If we suffer from any disease that can be complicated by inadequate circulation, we should consult our doctor to prescribe a suitable medication according to our needs, especially if we are part of people at risk such as pregnant women, diabetics, people with problems Cardiac, with obesity, among others.

Others helpful tips to cope with a long trip by plane and that although they seem obvious we usually forget are: bring a good book, have a music player with the music of our choice; if we like games we can take a portable video game console to the trip; avoid coffee or caffeinated beverages as well as alcohol at least twelve hours before the trip; and if in spite of all this we still don’t know what to do, we can always resort to a good conversation with other passengers.

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