Tips for skiing


It was promised that the 2007-2008 season there would be a lot of snow, which is not the case, because for now there is little snow, but we are waiting for it to change and a great snowfall that covers all the tracks falls.

Before going skiing, keep in mind:
– Snowfall weather forecast
– Track status
– Road conditions
– Radars
– The routes

Things you should not forget:
– Cap: covering the ears; then it is very unpleasant that cold enters these areas.
– Helmet: especially to have a well protected head, you never know what can happen and better be prevented. It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.
– The gloves: this is the most important thing, you should never forget and above all that they are and permeable, if they are made of wool, it does not work.
– Ski goggles: it is also very important to wear them to avoid damaging the eyes.
– Sun protection: especially for children.
– Cocoa for the lips.
– Put on high socks, don’t wear two, take spare ones but don’t wear two



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