Tips for the travel kit


Well, the best thing is to always be batting health. More however this is something that sometimes does not depend on your control

Travel kit

Around the world you will find pharmacies and stores where they sell medicines, many of them with different standards to those of your country of origin, for example some that will only sell you medicines under medical prescription others will not ask.

You can buy almost any medicine worldwide, but it is always advisable to have some of:

– Bandits

– Antiseptic

– Antibiotic

– Hand soap

– Small scissors and tongs

– Thermometer in a hard case

– Aspirins

– Medicines for recurrence and diarrhea

If you are medicated it is essential that you take your supplements for the time you think you are away, in addition to taking your doctor’s prescriptions and prescriptions with you.

– For those with visual conditions, it is necessary to protect their glasses and carry the recipe.

– For body aches in general, Tylenol will be enough, such as sore muscles, limbs, feet, bruises.

– Sleep pills like Tylenol PM.

– For colds, vitamins C will be of great help, plus some rest.

– In case of diarrhea Pepto-Bismol tablets in addition to taking yogurt to keep you hydrated.

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