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Tips for traveling safely: Copy your personal information and travel information before leaving home

Search engines, web pages and emails are now widely used by airlines to carry out the travel procedures. It is currently common buy the plane ticket online, check-in online and perform any other type of procedure linked to the trip without leaving home. But, it is not the only thing we can use technology for. Before traveling it is important copy your personal information and travel data and, thus, create a safeguard of information that will be useful to us during our trip and that we can consult online from where we are.

In versiontravel we give you some Recommendations to copy your personal information and travel information before leaving home:

1. Place our email in all registration systems. When purchasing a plane ticket, making a reservation, or just consulting an itinerary, on almost every web page there is a way to place our email to generate a backup document. In this way, any information, notification or modification will reach our email and we can consult it from anywhere in the world.

2. Take pictures. Don’t you have a photocopier or scanner on hand? It does not matter, now it is not necessary to take a photocopy to have a duplicate of the documents, just take a good digital photograph such as your mobile phone or camera and list, you will have a backup of the document. We recommend that you have registered photographs of reservations, itineraries, passports, visas, data from travel agencies and hotels, and even the front and back of your debit and credit cards.

Once you take all the pictures, you just have to send them to your personal email so you have a copy of all your information. Then, proceed to erase these images to prevent them from falling into the hands of thieves.

3. Provide data from our email to a trusted family member or friend. What happens if you are robbed in a country of a different language or where you don’t know where to go in case of theft? The best thing is that a trusted friend or family member knows the access code to your email, that way, if you have in your email the registration of your credit cards, reservations and others, this person can help you block the cards or Fax the information to you.

4. Print a copy of the documentation. Just as we recommend having a digital copy of your documents, we also recommend having a printed copy. Have photocopies of your passport, visas, flight itineraries, and even put a copy of them in your hand hand luggage and in the luggage that will go in the vault of the plane.

With these tips you can travel with more peace of mind knowing that you have copies of your personal information and travel data before leaving home.

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