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Tips for traveling safely: what to do if your wallet is stolen?

At the end of paperwork for our trip The care we must take to ensure a pleasant trip does not end. If our wallet is lost or stolen on the way to the airport, in the cabin of the plane or arriving at the destination country, it will depend on the country to which we have traveled if the procedures to be carried out will be simple or endless. In versiontravel we indicate a series of Tips for traveling safely and the steps to follow if our wallet is stolen.

Report the robbery in the police. If we report the theft to the police we will receive a copy of the complaint and it will be easier for us to procedure for new documents, even, in some airlines we can use this document and some other identification instead of our ID. In some police stations we can report the theft by phone and then we can approach the office, expediting the process.

Cancel credit cards. This is one of the most important processes if our wallet is stolen. The ideal is to cancel credit cards, cards and any other document that could provide data to thieves so they can access our money in banks. In addition, if we have bank account insurance, we can request that the bank cover our losses (according to the purchased policy).

Paperwork. The first is to obtain the DNI, without the DNI it is unlikely that we can obtain a copy of the driver’s license and the social security card. The social security card is the one that can take the longest time to process – according to the community in which we live – but, when presenting the police report we can acquire a provisional document to be taken care of.

International travel. If we travel to a country where a visa is required and we lose our passport, this will complicate our situation and most likely we will not be able to board the plane. It is advisable to inform us about the various documents that can serve as identification in the country of destination.

For avoid setbacks on the way to the airport, it is always recommended:

Arrive in time at the airport. If we lose the wallet on the way to the airport and we have left in time we can carry out the procedures and look for a solution in the airline to travel or, otherwise, be able to reschedule the trip without being very affected.

Have other identification documents. It is recommended not to keep all documents in the same portfolio, that way, if we lose the ID we can have a driver’s license, social security card or others.

If we finally recover our portfolio and documents, the duplicates are never over and it will be better to save them in case we need them again.

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