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Tips for traveling with children by plane

Start with a good attitude and taste the trip with a positive attitude, good humor and above all tolerance are the keys to travel with our children!

Travel with children

Recall that many times the small problems become a huge ocean difficult to travel when we exaggerate them, and much more when our children are present, so we tell you that you should look for the “kind” side of the situation, keeping in mind that you always They will present us with problems. For example: If you alter because your flight has been delayed, your children will also be disturbed and of course the stress will create an unpleasant atmosphere, so keep calm and tell your children about the new adventure … i.e. children! We will explore the airport !! That way you will all feel better and take the party in peace!

Before getting on the plane a visit to the service, in addition to a light meal like milk and some cookies to avoid children’s anxiety. Taking advantage of the food, help your child to fall asleep during the flight with a medicine such as Tylenol Sleep Time or the best known by traveling families, Benadryl, also a good idea is to take advantage of your children’s nap time, take it When you anticipate the trip, this will give you a couple of hours of total peace of mind during the flight.

For the little ones, go prepared with extra clothes and some diapers. Take your favorite toys with you or give “a prize” a new toy to the best porter during the flight, believe me this will entertain you! Coloring books (although many times this is not a good idea since some of them get easily dizzy from the ups and downs) and some chips to keep them entertained during the flight.

Finally, remember the behavior of your children when they are together, if necessary take into account the seats and their order? Sit them apart? Etc … Happy trip!

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