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Tips for traveling with children

Travel with children It can be exciting and create unforgettable memories in all travelers; but also, if we are not organizing and planning the trip, it can generate a level of stress that makes us need vacations after returning. How can we make a holiday with children unforgettable? This is possible if we follow the following recommendations.

Before deciding to where will we travel, we must bear in mind that although they can be spectacular, exotic destinations may need a change and adaptation of the small ones, the same that will not originate since if we are on vacation we will travel, surely, for only a few days, so it is advisable is to go to a place with a family atmosphere to which children are accustomed.

Another topic that cannot be ignored it is the vaccination of children – whether it is a reinforcement of common vaccines, or against any disease in the country to which they are traveling (we must inform ourselves about which vaccines are required for the chosen destination). It is important to avoid areas where malaria is common since the medicine for this evil does not do him good nor heals all the people being the children part of the vulnerable population (it will be better to avoid tropical or jungle destinations in rainy season).

In addition, we travel by car, bus or plane, we must not forget to carry bags against dizziness and medications recommended by your doctor. Some of these medicines have sedative properties, a good option if the child is required to travel for many hours. recommended to carry the prescriptions in case we need to buy more medicine during the trip.

During the trip we must also try maintain normal child routines. This means feeding him, taking a nap or other activities at the usual time. For what does not get bored It is a good idea to “ration” the toys we give you, instead of giving them all at once. Remember to bring plenty of snacks and drinks as a hungry or thirsty child does not travel well.

If the time zone of the country where you are going is very different, try to accustom the child as soon as possible with outdoor activities Y foods in local time. Finally, remember that not everything exciting or interesting for an adult can be for a child. It is important Alternate tourist and cultural activities with fun activities for a child, such as going to the pool, the beach, the theme park and amusement park, among others.

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