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Tips in case of missing a flight

If we find ourselves in the situation of having lost our flight, either because we were late in arriving at the airport, some inconvenience, or another, there are a number of details that we must take into account so as not to go through a similar situation again.

Have at least two alternative routes To avoid traffic. If we are in a country where the airport is close to a metropolitan area, we must have traffic as a determining factor in the time it will take to reach our destination. If our travel It is recommended to arrive at the airport with an average of four hours in advance so we can resolve any inconvenience.

Check flight status. With the current technology we can check on our mobile, electronic tablet, Netbook or others, any variant that the airline can publish in relation to the status of our flight, in addition, we will see if there are changes in schedules due to weather problems. For these inquiries we will only need our flight or reservation number and our name.

Upon entering the airline website You can take advantage of your check-in so that if you have not done so you can arrive to the airport and print the corresponding boarding pass.

Have the documents at hand. This way we can talk quickly with the airline platform people in order to be able to manage our trip on another flight Apart from the documents it is recommended to have money within reach in case we have to make a refund for access another flight.

Overbooking While we have the right to board the flight for which we purchased our ticket, there are times when airlines they sell more seats than are due or there are passengers who cannot stop traveling on a flight and other passengers are asked if they can travel on the next flight. If this happens to us, we must be clear that the airline cannot force us to give up our seat and that we must accept a money voucher that we can use in the future.

If we miss the flight we can use the overbooking to ask the airline to consult someone who is on board on the next flight If you can give us your seat.

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