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Tips to Pack on a Trip!

Always trying to provide the most useful and interesting information for our faithful readers, has prepared a brief and quick guide for all those who like travel, tourism, fun and clear discovery, but that often They run into that horrendous headache, which is the moment before traveling … Pack!

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1. Make a list of items that you will carry, without forgetting to include maps, travel plans, and of course, you will save space if you use items the size of the famous shampoo bottles offered in the hotels.

2. Regarding your clothing either you can choose to fold it as best you can, or even some of us choose to make it rolls, whatever your favorite try not to have to iron your clothes during the holidays eh!

3. While packing, have a weight near you, to be testing the ideal weight, so you will realize how much you can load and also of course, not to exceed the weight, since soon you do not want to load a bag full of bricks!

4. Speaking of good use of space, a good question is the type of footwear that you will wear … it is enough to tell you that a pair will be enough, although if you fit two it would be appropriate, your sports shoes, which can be easily folded and your evening shoes, in addition you can also take advantage of the space inside to store, socks, socks, etc …

5. Remember to pack in zipper bags, everything that could be watered, among your items, creams, blockers, lotions.

Finally, always remember think ahead what could happen, anticipating every aspect, and then enjoy!

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