Tips to Purchase Travel Insurance

Adequate travel insurance can help and protect you on many occasions of risk, maximum in a country or area to which we are not accustomed and much less related.

In addition to this, travel insurance provides greater comfort for losses of various types, such as when a trip has to be canceled, lost luggage, claims for damage to luggage or even to the same traveler. In short they are at hand for any series of unfortunate events.

Travel insurance

In the tourism market there are a large number of insurance, classified as follows:

– Travel delay: They provide a reimbursement of our expenses when the flight has been delayed.

– Medical expenses in accidents or illnesses: Covers the costs of accidents or conditions in which you have to pay during the trip.

– Trip cancellation: The most prevalent and common of all by insurance. In general it covers the non-refundable expenses of payments or deposits if our trip was canceled or interrupted for any unforeseen reason.

– Luggage insurance: It will cover the loss in case of lost or damaged luggage.

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