Tips when choosing a cheap hotel in Barcelona

If we go to travel to Barcelona we must know that this destination has a great hotel offer that goes from pensions and cheap accommodations to luxury hotels with all the necessary amenities.

If what we are looking for is a cheap hotel It is important to know that this city is not cheap either for tourism or for lodging, for example, that if we stay in the center the prices range from 45 euros per night and are increasing according to the services and requirements we have.

In many cases it will be more convenient to hire a complete package that includes the plane tickets and accommodation, although, if we are one of the travelers who like to travel as much as possible in a city, the ideal will be a cheap hotel near the center since we will almost not be in it, so we will not need luxury services.

A good option may be the Hotel Medinaceli Barcelona, which is well connected to the city center and to Main tourist attractions As the Barcelona Aquarium, the Wax Museum, among others. Other recommended cheap hotels are the Hotel Alexandra and the NH Calderón Hotel.

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