Tips when choosing a cheap hotel in Paris

Although we do not believe it since it is one of the most visited cities by tourists in the worldget a accommodation in Paris It is not easy (it is best to make reservations well in advance) and worse when we look for one that is cheap, comfortable and has minimal basic services.

If our stay in Paris will be longer than ten days, the first thing we should consider is to rent an apartment since the accommodation will be cheaper, more if we travel with more people, if the case is contrary and we will only be passing through the city, we can locate accommodations to some streets of center of paris for 45 to 75 euros a night per person (if we stay in the center the prices will not fall by an average of 185 euros per person in the cheapest hotels).

Around the center we will also find rooms that can cost us an average of 35 euros per person but we must take into account that they are hostels with shared rooms and bathrooms like the popular hostels, these accommodations usually abound in neighborhoods such as Montmartre and Le Montclair Montmartre where prices range from 30 euros.

Finally, if we have thought about staying in a hostel but we do not have a habit of cohabiting with other people we can opt for the option of renting a room in a family house where we will share the services but we will not have so many strange people around. In this case the prices range from 20 euros per night.

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