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Torre dell’Orologio – Venice

The Torre dell’Orologio It is located north of the San Marco Square in Venice, in the historic center. Designed by Mauro Coducci it was built at the end of the 15th century, in Renaissance style. Rest on a triumphal arch that gives access to Merceria Street, the most commercial in the city.

This astronomical clock marks the hours, moon phases and signs of the zodiac. It has an engineering mechanism that makes it a work of art, not only for its exterior beauty gained thanks to the moving parts enameled in blue and gold.

Legend has it that the inventors of the complex mechanism of the watch, once the construction was finished, their eyes were torn off so that they could never make a copy of it again in another place. But this version emerged in the neighboring cities, envious of Venice. The truth is that Paolo and Carlo Ranieri were generously compensated for their work.

He has an inscription that says:Hours non issue nisi serenas“(” I only give happy hours “). The winged lion representing San Marcos also stands out on its facade on a characteristic background enameled in blue with golden stars. The tower is crowned by bronze figures that ring the bell every hour, they are known as the Moors (Mori, in Italian) because of the dark color of the patina that covers them.

It can only be visited with guide in Italian, English and French, upon reservation. The price is € 12.

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