Toulouse in Paris

Toulouse like Paris It is one of the most visited communes in France. It is known as the Pink City, for the color of its buildings.

Toulouse panoramic view

Considered the fourth french city, It is ideal to go shopping and especially go for a walk at night, because it is always active. So you can find bars, restaurants, shopping centers and closed markets and also outdoors.

toulouse exotic market

Other options to know are the museums of archeology, of graphic arts, of sculptures, among other great variety of choices that you have to know more about this city.

toulouse intersection

The libraries and the theatersThey are also very popular, not only for what they can offer the public, but also for their architecture. Within this concept there are others monuments:

The religious, among which are the Basilica of the Daurade, the Convent of the Jacobins, the Basilica of the Dorada, among others.

toulouse basilica de la daurade

The civilians, among which stands out the Capitol, the Japanese Garden, and the Royal Garden, these gardens for their great originality and size.

Toulouse the Capitol

Toulouse also has an infinity of festivals, which you can enjoy during your visit to this city.

Among them are: Río Loco, is an international festival, because artists from various countries are invited; Piano aux Jacobins, sacred music festivals; Cinespaña, Marathon of Words and the Bullfighting Fair.

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