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Tour of Pompeii, Land of Gladiators

This time we took a flight to Pompeii, the eternal and legendary β€œLand of Gladiators”, One of the great stages of history and popular premieres of the big screen, a city of Ancient Rome, which will transport you in time!

Tour of Pompeii, Land of Gladiators

The historic City of Pompeii, is part of the Roman precinct, close to the beautiful coastal city of Naples, so your Trips to Ancient Rome will be complete! The fact that makes the City of Pompeii fascinating is its history, which tells that it was totally destroyed and even buried by a violent volcanic eruption, caused by Vesuvius on August 24 of the year 79 … city that was discovered centuries later , remaining buried until the 16th century, digging up one of its greatest tourist treasures, the former β€œRoman amphitheater”, Entertainment center of the ancient civilization, of which we have already spoken to you in previous editions.

Photographs of the Pompeii Amphitheater Graderia

Venture through the narrow stone streets, which are gradually heading up to their shores, being several kilometers of ancient history, which will show you the past of a powerful civilization.

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