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Tourist places in Ecuador

The Republic of Ecuador It’s one of the touristic destinations most important in South America. Ecuador is located in the northern part of the continent and stands out for its natural wealth, which is the habitat of thousands of species of fauna and Flora.

Ecuador it shows in subjects related to nature, recognitions as being one of the twenty countries where most of the planet biodiversity and it is the country with the greatest biodiversity per square kilometer. Therefore, it is reasonable that Ecuador is a recommended destination for fans of Green tourism, the trekking, the extreme sports; In addition to having important destinations related to historical, cultural, architectural tourism, among others.

Among the main Ecuador’s tourist places we have:

•Galapagos Islands. These islands are located more than nine hundred kilometers from the Ecuadorian coast and in its extension we can see unique exponents of the flora and fauna of the planet. Almost one hundred percent of the islands are protected and it is a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

• Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. This destination is the capital of Galapagos and is located on San Cristobal Island. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno counts among its Main tourist attractions with the Sleeping Lion, the Tijeretas Hill, the Junco, and the Lobos Island. The marine area of ​​Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is ideal for diving and, in addition, it is in this destination where we can appreciate the giant Galapagos turtles that are more than one hundred years old.

• Quito. This city is the capital of Ecuador and stands out for its historic center, tourist infrastructure, colonial museums, churches, monuments, and others; as for example, the Cable Car, which allows us to travel part of the city with a spectacular view and reach the Cruz Loma that is located more than four thousand meters above sea level. On the outskirts of Quito we will find the monument to the Equator Line recognized as the Middle of the World.

• Mindo. Ideal destination for fans of eco-tourism and extreme sports. Mindo is ideal for canopy (also known as zip line, this sport consists of being moved between the trees using a steel cable). The agencies that offer this service in Ecuador are accredited so we can choose the agency of our preference with total security.

• Guayaquil. This city has a wide touristic offer, luxury hotel chains, leisure areas, and all-inclusive services as it is one of the most visited destinations by foreigners in Ecuador. In Guayaquil it is recommended to visit the Malecon 2000, where we will find representative monuments of the city’s history; Las Peñas neighborhood, one of the oldest; the Historical Park of Guayaquil; Cerro Blanco; Lake Park; and Cerro Santana.

• In the Andean area of ​​Ecuador, we can visit the avenue of the volcanoes, where we will find representative volcanoes such as the Cotopaxi which is the highest in the world exceeding more than 5800 meters above sea level.

• In the jungle area of ​​Ecuador It is recommended to make excursions in the Amazon, highlighting the Yasuni and Sumaco-Napo National Parks and the San Rafael waterfall, recommended destinations for adventurers, trekking enthusiasts, outdoor activities and extreme sports.

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