Train – Amsterdam

The train from Amsterdam It is used for trips outside the city. Most trains are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways). The trains They spend about 5 to 6 times per hour at each stop. However, the system has been faced with problems to handle punctuality, especially in the rush hour. The biggest stop in the city is the Centraal Station. To schedule your trips use the website of the train company:

Amsterdam train station

If you plan to use the train, the one-day travel card has a cost of 40.30 euros. Also the Voordeel-Urenkaart card, for 55 euros, gives you 40% discounts on tickets for a whole year and every day from 09:00. This applies to up to three people traveling with you. These cards are purchased at any stop of train.

Tickets are purchased at vending machines or at windows. Buy them in the train It means paying almost double. The machines are 50 cents cheaper than the windows and the lines are not very long. Children under 4 travel for free if they do not occupy a seat. Between 4 and 11 years the price is 2 euros.

Amsterdam train map

To find your destination in the vending machine you must enter the place code — which you can find in a list in alphabetical order. Then you must choose between first and second class (there is not much difference, except that first class is more comfortable when the train is full of people). Choose if you are going to pay with or without a discount (choose a discount only if you have the Voordeel-Urenkaart card or other promotions). You can choose a date for your ticket or leave it blank for future trips (you must validate them when traveling on a yellow punching machine near the platforms). You can pay with coins and in the most modern machines with credit card Y debit.

Train tickets in Amsterdam

The only problem with using the vending machines is that the old ones only have instructions in Dutch. The new ones have the options in French, German and English

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