Train – Bilbao

The train from surroundings from Bilbao It consists of three lines and is managed by RENFE. The lines cover part of the metropolitan area of Bilbao, serving as a complement to meter. All lines start from the Abando Station, located in the Circular Plaza – which is connected to the subway and the Bilbao tram.

The three lines are:

  • C-1: It’s the busiest. Walk the Left Bank of the Bilbao estuary . It unites the capital of Biscay with the main municipalities of the Left Bank of the Ría del Nervion like Barakaldo, Sestao, Portugalete or Santurtzi.
  • C-2: Share tour with the C-1 until Barakaldo, from where it goes to the Biscayan mining area, stopping in municipalities such as Trápaga Valley, Ortuella, Gallarta or Muskiz.
  • C-3: It crosses the valley of the Nervión and goes towards the inner zone of Biscay, arriving at towns like Basauri, Arrigorriaga, Llodio, Amurrio or Orduña.

The price of a ticket Simple starts at 1.35 euros (half zone) and extends to 2.65 (5 zones) depending on how many zones you travel. There’s a ticket “Round trip” ranging from 1.35 to 2.65 euros. Not to be confused with “Round Trip”, which only applies to Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. It is somewhat more expensive starting at 1.95 euros up to 3.80 euros.

To avoid confusion with the areas you can buy the fertilizer 1,3 or 5 which allows you 1, 3 and 5 consecutive days with no zone limits. The price is 5.85; 16.10; and 25 euros. It is somewhat more expensive than other options, but it will avoid confusion.

The Schedule Y frequencies vary between the lines, for more information you can enter the website of RENFE in Bilbao:

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