Train – Brussels

A lot of money has been invested to modernize Belgium’s national rail network. Now trains are characterized by being punctual, very economical, fast and efficient.

There are 3 main stations in Brussels: Central Bruxelles In the city center; Bruxelles-Nord, to the north and Bruxelles-Midi, In the south.

Train in Brussels

The stations have a bar, vending machines for refreshments and infrastructure facilities for the disabled. Bruxelles-Midi and Bruxelles-Nord have parking.

Some companies whose trains leave from other countries and stop in Bruxelles-Midi are:

Eurostar, their Trains arrive from London:

Tel: (02) 528 2828

Express trains Thalys, its trains arrive from Aachen, Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris:

Tel: (070) 667 788

TGV (French high speed train), in commercial services reach speeds below 350 km / h. It connects the Paris Nord station with the Midi station in Brussels in 1 hour and 25 minutes, being much faster than by plane or car.

Train -Brussels

The train stations in Brussels are open from 6:15 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

They accept train passes from different companies such as Interrail, Eurail, Benelux – Pass, etc. Tickets can be purchased the same day. Keep in mind that tickets sell them cheaper online. Try to go on a direct train since they are faster and more comfortable.

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