Train – Budapest

In addition to the international communication that allows the 47 trains that usually move to foreign cities, the railway system in Budapest has the services “Intercity“And”InterPici”That manage to circulate throughout the country, including Lake Balaton. Luckily, trains are also an excellent way to visit very beautiful regions of the country, for that there are those of narrow track with more than 380 kilometers of road.

Budapest train station

There are three main stations in Budapest, they are: Keleti To the East, Nyugati west and Deli to the south, which have national and international connection. These stations also have connection to the metro system and all are 45 minutes from the airport.

Line 3 train

Interestingly you can travel between the stations, thanks to the bus-rail service, you can take it outside each station, there are 12 buses. There are also other means of special transport that resemble the train, there is the Cable car which runs in a few minutes the journey of Clark Adam Tér and the Palace of Buddha, runs from Monday to Sunday, from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. but closes on Mondays of even weeks.

Budapest Funicular

And if you want to travel the mountains, do not hesitate to climb a Zip Train, your bottom stop is in the Budapest Hotel and goes to Mount Széchenyi.

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