Train – Florence

The train network within the city of Florence It is not very extensive and mainly connects to the periphery of the city. The station Santa Maria Novella Terminal, a few steps from the center, is the most important and from there you can also connect with the entire railway network of Italy, to other cities.

The banknotes Urban train stations are integrated into the urban bus network. With a ticket of Ataf (buses) we can ride the train. For the schedule details it is convenient to visit the website of Trenitalia.

Florence has a line of trolley car, the T1, which is also integrated into the bus and train network. Join the center with Scandicci, the most populous suburb neighborhood that is located 6 kilometers to the southwest, with 14 intermediate stops. Part from Villa Costanza, where there is a bus depot and arrives at the Santa MarΓ­a Novella station. The services operate daily between 5 and 0:30.

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