Train from Prague to Budapest

If you decide to travel by train you can arrive on a direct trip from the station Holesovice from Prague, to the station Keleti Pályaudvar, in Budapest, with a stop in Bratislava. You have the availability to choose between six trains that leave in the morning and afternoon. The trip with the fastest train runs to the distance in a time of 6 almost 7 hours.


Another station from Prague is Hlavni Nadrazi, from where two night trains depart and one in the day. You will arrive at the Keleti pályaudvar station in Budapest. To get the cheapest tickets we recommend you buy them at the same train station, although you can also access the reservations and online sales offered by several servers.

Shot of a train in black and white

The prices of night trains It is a little higher, the extra payment made is approximately 10 to 49 euros per person, it depends on how many people share the bunk on the trip.

Train tracks

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