Train – Lima

Travel by train It is an activity not only very useful and practical, but also a different experience than the usual car or bus.

Lima train Huancayo

In Lima there is a train that runs 9.2 kilometers from the capital and passes through the districts of Villa El Salvador, Villa MarΓ­a del Triunfo and San Juan Miraflores. It is popularly called “Electric Train” and has 32 cars that can stop at 7 stations. A ticket on this train has an average price of 1 euro.

Another well-known train from Peru is the one that departs from Lima to the city of Huancayo. It is the second train with the highest route in the world since it reaches 5 thousand meters above sea level, and offers tourists beautiful landscapes and an encounter with extremely rewarding nature.

Huancayo train

This train usually leaves on set dates like national holidays. A round trip ticket has an average price of 70 euros.

Lima train Huancayo

The place where this train can be taken is at the Homeless Station which is located behind the Government Palace in the heart of the city. This train station is the oldest in the city and enjoys a very well preserved architecture.

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