Train – Lisbon

Lisbon It has 5 lines of train suburban which complement the city’s subway. Four of them are operated by the state Portuguese Ferros Caminhos (CP) and one by the private consortium Fertagus. Although the service is somewhat slow, it gets to transport about 500 thousand people daily.

The four lines of CP They are:

  • Lisbon-Cascais (yellow line)
  • Lisbon-Sintra (green Line)
  • Lisbon-Azambuja (Red line)
  • Barreiro-Sado (blue line)

Saint Apollonia, in the Infante D’ Henrique Avenue, is the largest terminal in Lisbon and serves the red line. Another terminal that is becoming important is the Gare de Oriente, in the Park of the Nations, which receives trains from the red and green line. The historic terminal Rossio, between the places of the Restauradores and the Rossio Serve the green line. It is located in a central point of the city and transport, because (it is very close to Saint Apollonia Y Cais do Sodré. The latter, near the Duque da Terceira Square, serves the yellow line and goes to the Cascais terminal. The terminal Barreiro, on the south bank of Tagus river It serves the blue line, which covers the south of the city.

In when to the line of Fertagus, this is going towards Setubal (to the south) and passes through the april 25 bridge.

System banknotes of train CP it has a complex system whose rate It varies depending on the areas you go. There is banknotes simple two hours, banknotes 10 trips, 24 hours and 30 days. For more information on tariffs by areas check the website of CP:

The trains from Fertagus they use a system of tariffs It varies by each season you go to. Have banknotes Simple, 5 trips and 10 trips. For more information on tariffs by areas check the website of CP:

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