Train – Stockholm

The commuter train (pendeltåg) covers most of the county of Stockholm and some locations in border counties. In total it has 50 stations and 200 kilometers of rails. About 230 thousand people use the system daily. The system uses the same bus and subway tickets.

Stockholm train

There are 3 lines of train:

  • Route J35 (107 km): Travel through the county and pass through the center of Stockholm. It connects the station Nynäshamn (southeast) and Bålsta (northwest). Travel time is one hour and 44 minutes.
  • Route J36 (74 km): It also travels through the county and passes through the center of Stockholm. It connects to Södertälje (southwest) and Märsta (north). Travel time is one hour and 21 minutes.
  • Route J37 (30 km): Travel through the county, but do not cross the city. It connects Gnesta and Södertälje (both in the southwest). Travel time is 31 minutes.

Stockholm trains

The trains They leave every 30 minutes from 5am to 1am. During peak hours trains can have intervals of 7 minutes and 4 at the central stops. The outskirts of line J37 and J35 are the least trains Receive with up to 2 hours of interval during weekends.

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