Tram – Vitoria

The trolley car from Vitoria It entered service at the end of 2008. It consists of a tram line with two branches that connect the farthest neighborhoods (Ibaiondo, Lakua Y Abetxuko) with the city center. It is possible to travel the ends of the line in 15 minutes thanks to an average speed of 70km / h and a traffic light priority system.

The trolley car It has three sections:

  • section of Lakua-Ibaiondo: Part of Landaberde Street and runs along Duque de Wellington Street, Boulevard de Euskal Herria to Plaza de América Latina (Honduras), where it connects with the common section. The average time between each stop is 1 minute with 40 seconds
  • The section of Abetxuko-Arriaga: Part of the bridge over the Zadorra River, runs through Portal de Arriaga Street, to Juntas Generales Street, and through it, crossing the Arriaga neighborhood, then heads to Latin America Square through Portal de Foronda Street. The average time between each stop is 1 minute and 30 seconds
  • The common section: It begins in the Latin America square (Honduras) and circulates towards the center of the city along the road axis formed by the streets Honduras and Gasteiz Avenue until reaching Sancho el Sabio Avenue. From this point on, the line continues through Leuven Square, Magdalena, Becerro de Bengoa, General Álava, Independencia streets, until it ends at Angoulême Street. The average time between each stop is 2 minutes.

It works with a frequency 12 minutes in rush hour (between 7.00 and 21.00), and every 15 minutes in the first and last hours of the day (from 6.00 to 7.00 and from 21.00 to 23.20) and on weekends.

The ticket price is taller than that of buses. There are several types of ticket:

  • Occasional trip: 1.05 euros.
  • Day ticket: 3 euros. It allows unlimited trips during a calendar day from the acquisition of the ticket, until the last service.
  • BAT card (rechargeable with at least € 5): 0.55 per trip
  • Monthly tram-Bus voucher (BAT 30-D): 25 euros

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