Transportation – Rio de Janeiro

Transport within Rio de Janeiro it’s a whole cultural experience because there are several ways to do it and, each one involves an encounter with a part of the Brazilian culture.

Bus in Rio de Janeiro

First, you should know that if they are going to be used the buses It is better to leave jewelry and watches at home, the wallet must be in a safe place and care must be taken not to expose any personal music or video player that can be stolen. It happens that the buses of Rio they are the places where more robberies occur in the city. They are not safe and the maneuvers of the drivers are more than reckless.

The subway is an excellent way of transport, but it is used by many people. This can be good for someone who does not mind traveling on foot or meeting people on the way, but it is a nuisance for those who do not enjoy the suffocating heat.

Metro in Rio de Janeiro

The Taxis in Rio de Janeiro They can take you anywhere, but there are different types.

Insurance and most sought after are the official taxis that have a meter. In the unofficial you must agree the price of the service before going up.

The prices of taxis They are not very high but using them frequently can be a good budget. It is best to use them when they are really necessary or it is not well known where it will go.

Taxis in Brazil

Also, you can use rental cars that can be obtained at the points located in the airports. If this option is taken you should know that in Rio los traffic problems They are several and it is common to lose several minutes in a red light or by traffic.

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