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Travel and learn languages ​​at the same time

We all like travel, meet new places, dare with new experiences and see the world. We all carry a small or large traveler inside. It's funny as if you ask a lot of people will answer that vacations is the favorite time of the year. It is not surprising, since all the necessary factors are combined to have a good time.

But it is true, that at this time they are considering other types of trips in which to know the city or the country visited more thoroughly. And it is that one of the common evils when we go on a trip is that the same tour is always done, seeing the most representative monuments and not deepening the city and its people. To solve this type of tourism, it has been proposed to make long-term trips in which to know the country thanks to a longer stay. In this way to be able to live for a while as one more inhabitant, imagine being able to know Paris as the Parisians themselves, it is a very desirable offer.

Obviously to be able to make this type of travel you have to start by having two clear things, the first how much time we want to invest and with what we will combine the tourist part. One of the most interesting and practical options is to take advantage of this stay to learn a language. And it is that the most effective way to learn a language is through linguistic immersion, that is, spending a season in a foreign-speaking country.

What do we get with this linguistic immersion? We managed to be 24 hours a day learning the language. Learning does not end when the hours at the academy end, where we can learn grammar or vocabulary, but continue during the rest of the day when we talk with classmates, ask for coffee or read the newspaper. Thanks to this combination of factors we managed to reinforce the theoretical part but also the practical part.

To all this is added the idea of ​​being able to enjoy the free hours to know the city, or even the country, if for example we take advantage of weekends to move to different cities. It is a unique experience in which we not only develop our tourism facet, but it is also an investment in our professional career, since having languages ​​is more than beneficial to find a job or improve in our employment.

In addition, there are schools that offer various plans and programs depending on age. That is, if we travel with children can attend English camps, while if we are a group of adults, the classes adapt to our needs with a more professional vocabulary, for example. There are many cities to know and many options for study languages ​​with ESL Idiomas and thus make the most of the holiday period.

A great bet for this vacation.

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