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Travel for singles in Latin America: the 10 best destinations to go alone

Latin America has numerous ideal destinations to travel alone. These are characterized by their tourist and cultural offer, as well as the opportunity they offer to meet new people. In this article we inform you of the best destinations ordered from least to most attractive to travel without company.

10. Peru

If what you want is to make a trip only as a backpacker, a good option is Peru. If you go to the beautiful city of Cuzco, you can take a train that will take you to Aguas Calientes, next to Macchu Picchu.

Nature lovers can spend a long season here enjoying places like the Amazon or Lake Titicaca. On the other hand, one of the most special cities is Arequipa.

This population is located at the foot of a volcano. In it, the most surprising complex is the Monastery of Santa Catalina de Siena, which was built in the 16th century.

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9. Chile

Chileans presume to be hospitable and friendly people who welcome visitors with open arms. Therefore, this country is one of the best destinations to travel alone.

Santiago de Chile is a unique and recommended city for singles. Among its neighborhoods stands out the one of Beautiful view, where we find some terraces ideal for a drink, such as the Bravo 951 bar.

Another special corner is Valparaiso, ideal for quiet walks or bathing in one of its beaches. Only nine kilometers away is Viña del Mar, also called Garden City.

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8. Panama

Panama, in Central America, has several tourist offers. For those who are going adventure, they have to try the rafting on the Chiriquí river. If you prefer surfing, your destination is Boca del Toro. If you still do not know, do not worry, because here there is no lack of schools specialized in this sport.

However, to meet new people, the best option is Panama City. It highlights the buildings of the colonial era that are preserved in the old town. Near it is the Panama Canal, place with stunning views.

To party, one of the most famous areas is the Uruguay street. Among its many clubs and discos, some of the most famous are Mystik, Moods and Privé.

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7. Colombia

The capital of Colombia, Bogotá, is the one for travelers interested in culture. This city has more than one hundred art galleries and museums. Among these, the Maloka Interactive Science and Technology Center stands out, the most important of its kind in Latin America.

In the Candelaria neighborhood is the historic center of the city. In addition, at night, it is a good area to party. Another of the best places to enjoy the night is known as Pink Zone.

If, instead, you are more of sea and nature, you have to travel to the Pacific region, west of the country. Among its various areas, Chocó stands out, a part of the coast ideal for diving.

In addition, from Guapi you can take a boat to reach the island of Gorgona. What makes this one special is that between July and November it is possible to see humpback whales.

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6. Mexico

Mexico is a country that attracts singles of different tastes. Some cities stand out for their heritage and cultural offer, such as León and its Expiatory Temple, and Zacatecas, a colonial city.

Guadalajara is also recommended. The best way to get to know this town is to take a ride in Calandría, a horse-drawn carriage from which you can enjoy the views and atmosphere of this place.

On the other hand, the most tourist area of ​​the country is Riviera Maya, which receives thousands of people willing to have fun and make new friends. One of the best known parts is Cancun, where there are around 200 hotels.

A cheaper option to the latter is Playa del Carmen, where there is a greater combination of locals and tourists. In addition, in Riviera Maya there is not only party: you can also visit historical places like Coba or Chichen Itza.

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5. Cuba

Cuba is another of the Latin American countries most visited by singles. So much so, that even parties oriented especially to this type of visitors are organized.

Havana It is your most representative city. In it you can see how his people make life on the street. In addition, it is full of entertainment venues and music monopolizes every corner.

One of the most famous clubs is Tropicana, an outdoor cabaret that has been in operation since 1939. Great artists such as Celia Cruz and Frank Sinatra have passed through it.

Among all the luxurious hotels that you can find in this city, the one that stands out for its history and the guests it has had is the National Hotel of Cuba.

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4. Uruguay

Punta del Este, in southern Uruguay, is one of the most suitable areas for singles visiting the country. This coastal area brings together luxury hotels, trendy venues and busy beaches.

The most exclusive disco is Tequila, located in La Barra. If you can get in, it is not uncommon for you to meet a famous person, as it is a place frequented by the celebrities. Other more affordable sites are Mambo Club, Ocean Club or Arreche.

If you pass through the capital, Montevideo, the best area to rest and enjoy a good day is Plaza Independencia. If you want to see a concert in a special auditorium, at the Solís Theater there are the most important ones. It has capacity for 1,500 people.

3. Dominican Republic

The Caribbean has always been an area envied by the rest of the world due to its kilometers of beaches with palm trees. To the east is Punta Cana, one of the places most chosen by tourists for its tourist complexes and its great parties.

The most successful hotels in the country are those in which under the same price you have all the services available, known as all inclusive. They also have large infrastructure such as swimming pools or discos.

In addition to this, if you want to enjoy Paradise beaches and calm, you can go by boat to two small islands of the country: Isla Saona and Isla Catalina, which is uninhabited.

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2. Argentina

Argentina is one of the most recommended countries for all those who travel alone. In it, its capital stands out, Buenos Aires, in which you will not be able to avoid trying to dance tango in one of its rooms.

If you want to know the most luxurious area of ​​the city, visit Recoleta, a neighborhood full of buildings that seem to have left Paris. If you prefer the opposite, La Boca is the most colorful and popular area.

On the other hand, Mendoza is an ideal region for wine lovers, where you can visit wineries and make tastings. As for the province of Salta, one of the most requested activities is to ride a horse through its spectacular landscapes.

Another part that you can not miss is Palermo, where the great gardens such as the Palermo Forest stand out. A recommended place is the Congo Bar, to which many go singles.

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1. Brazil

If there is a city that does not disappoint any of the people who decide to travel alone, it is Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. One of its attractions is its coastline, among which the following beaches stand out:

  • Copacabana: It is the most famous. Both day and night, its atmosphere is unbeatable.
  • Leblon: It is a quiet area and known for being more exclusive.
  • Vermelha: It is located under the Pan de Azúcar viewpoint. It is more isolated, so it is perfect to get away from noise.
  • Macumba: This area of ​​the coast is the most frequented for surfing.
  • Ipanema: there is no lack of bars and restaurants. It is located next to Copacabana beach.

An essential visit is the Christ the Redeemer of Corcovado, from where you will have the most impressive views. Likewise, the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is during the Carnivals, which take place between February and March.

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