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Travel for singles in Spain: the 10 best places to go alone

Spain is one of the countries preferred by singles, since in its cities there is a great tourist offer, it has an ideal climate and has numerous natural resources. If you want to organize a holiday in this country for the best destinations for singles and you don't know where to travel, pay attention to this article, because in it we show you the best destinations ordered from least to most attractive for singles.

10. Oviedo

Asturias conquers its visitors by its nature and its gastronomy. One of the most recommended destinations is its capital: Oviedo. In it, the best street to drink cider and make friends is Gascona.

It is also the city with the greatest Asturian pre-Romanesque art. One of the most important examples of this style is the Church of San Miguel de Lillo, just 4 kilometers from the center of Oviedo.

In the old town highlights the Fontán Market, inside which you can buy the best products in the area. Another important part is the Campo de San Francisco Park, where the famous statue of Mafalda is located.

9. Zaragoza

The greatest moment of splendor of Zaragoza is during the Fiestas del Pilar, which revolve around October 12. In them, among other events, concerts of great national and international artists are organized.

In the center of the city we find The tube, a neighborhood formed by narrow streets that don't lack the best bars to go for tapas.

The most important building is the Basilica del Pilar, followed by La Seo o Cathedral of San Salvador, declared a World Heritage Site for its remains of Mudejar art.

8. Gijón

For those who prefer a more cultural trip, Gijón, in Asturias, is a good option. It is a destination chosen by singles over 40 years and divorced people.

Here stands out the Atlantic Botanical Garden, which has an area of ​​around 25 hectares. It is also advisable to visit the Cimadevilla neighborhood, the oldest in Gijón.

The best place to enjoy the sea view is the Santa Catalina Hill, where the sculpture known as Praise of the Horizon.

7. Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are perfect at any time of the year, as it always has mild temperatures. In addition, some cruises for singles are organized around them.

However, you can opt for a particular area. Tenerife stands out for its black sand beaches and volcanic landscapes. If you go to this island, you cannot forget to climb to the top of Teide, the highest peak in Spain.

Gran Canaria is the option with more parties, especially in Maspalomas, a town located to the south, also known for its great beaches. It is also one of the most famous coasts in the LGBT environment. You can meet other gay beaches in Europe in this article: The 10 best gay beaches in Europe.

Another of the most recommended islands is Lanzarote, ideal for those who like the sea. Here is the Atlantic Museum, which is located underwater and, therefore, to be able to visit it, you will have to dive.

6. Cádiz

Cádiz is another Andalusian city in which joy floods the streets, especially during the celebration of Carnival, which is declared a Festival of International Interest.

Throughout the month of February the couplets take place, some fun performances in which different groups compete with their costumes and their original songs full of irony.

However, throughout the year you can enjoy other attractions, such as its historic center. An outstanding beach near this one is that of La Caleta, where the old Spa of Nuestra Señora de la Palma and del Real is located.

One of the most famous dishes of Cádiz is known as fried fish. You can find it in most bars. However, one of the best known is the Las Flores Freicense.

5. Madrid

The Spanish capital is a perfect city for singles, as it has a very varied offer that fits every taste. If you want to enjoy where it came from the Madrid scene, your neighborhood is Malasaña. Another party area is La Latina.

The street where shops and large theaters are concentrated is the Gran Vía, which is full of people both day and night. If you want to try the best tapas in Madrid, we recommend you visit the Mercado de San Miguel.

To spend a relaxing day and away from the fuss of this great city, Retiro Park is the best option. If on the contrary you want emotion and you like football, do not hesitate to watch a game at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

One of the favorite places of the singles of the capital is Shut up and Kiss Me, which usually go on Wednesdays. Another fun place is The Peletazo, in which all tables are connected by telephone.

4. Seville

Seville is characterized by its friendly and funny inhabitants that give the city a special charm, especially during the April Fair, when women are adorned with their flamenco dresses.

Among the great monuments of this place, the Giralda and the Real Alcazar of Seville stand out, as well as the Spain Square, in which all the provinces of the country are represented.

One of the activities aimed at tourists is the boat ride on the Guadalquivir. If you prefer to know the most authentic neighborhood you should go to Triana, cradle of important artists such as Manuel Molina.

3. Valencia

The perfect time to visit Valencia and meet new people is at the parties of The failures, which take place in the days before March 19. In this celebration, the city is filled with people from all over the world willing to have fun.

One of the places that attracts the most attention is the City of Arts and Sciences, designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. In addition, from this point you can take a walk through the Turia Gardens, a kilometer park.

If you want to visit the most modern places in the city and with the best atmosphere, the two most fashionable areas are El Carmen, in the historic center, and Ruzafa.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe thanks to its great attractions, such as the Park Güell, a modernist park designed by Antoni Gaudí with fantastic views of the city.

It opens every day from eight in the morning until nine at night. Some parts are free, but to enter the Monumental Zone you must pay € 8 at the box office or € 7 if you buy the ticket in advance. You can buy it online by clicking in this link.

The best avenue for a walk is La Rambla, which begins in the Plaza de Cataluña and reaches the old port. During the day it is full of people, especially on sunny days.

If you want to meet new people, one of the most prominent clubs is Opium Barcelona, ​​which also functions as a restaurant. On the other hand, in the following article you can find a complete guide to not miss anything about this beautiful city: Barcelona tourist guide.

1. Ibiza

In this list could not miss Ibiza, the most famous island in Spain both for its coast and its party venues. First, the best area to enjoy a sunset is San Antonio Bay, located to the west.

Thematic markets are numerous hippie They are still riding on the island. The most famous is the Las Dalias Market, which you can visit every Saturday from ten in the morning.

Also, if you want to party and meet people from all over the world, these are some of the nightclubs most famous:

  • Ushuaia
  • Pacha
  • Bora Bora
  • Amnesia
  • Privilege

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