Travel guide to Malta: Sliema – St. Julians

Sliema and St. Julians they are two bright, clear, modern cities, with beaches and open to the sea, correct, cosmopolitan … They were the first Malta tourist sites, where you can find a wide range of accommodation and also shopping and leisure areas, constituting the heart of Maltese tourism, with all kinds of entertainment and with an important nightlife. At any time of the day, you feel comfortable, calm, thinking: I like it. Shortly after being there, the first reference I take is the corner where Zara (our clothing store) is and so I am located. Large number of franchises, those from all sides and places. Cafes and catering establishments. I walk through Sliema. No hurry. The morning is clear and the temperature is pleasant. Very close to my place of lodging, the following panorama appears.

It is the Church of Sliema. And next to the sea, the pool that appears in the image. And in the building on the right, a pizzeria, where I ate several times.

I move, I walk Tower Road (a 5km walk, full of shops, restaurants, … everything I want). On my left the sea, and on the other side, modern buildings, with all kinds of commercial establishments. Behind, behind me, Portomaso Tower, the tallest building in Malta. You breathe calm, you don't hear car beeps, car traffic is quiet, people are patient … (Patience, they told me, is a local virtue). The walk continues and you find old telephone booths, old fuel pumps, modern shops. Contrasts are appearing … For the walk, in a newspaper stand, a sign with the flag of Spain and a sign (in Spanish) that read: "Today's newspapers, for sale here." From Tower Road you can take the best pictures of the bastions and fortifications of Valletta.

In the previous photograph, taken from Sliema, in the center appears the Cathedral Church of San Pablo.

Natural Sites of Sliema and St. Julians.

Is that, is to cross the street and take a bath or sunbathe or stroll (next to restaurants, for ice cream, beer or even eating, based on fish and seafood).

Another image of the beach of Sliema. The temperature of its waters never drops below 16º c. And they are among the most transparent and clean in the Mediterranean …

How to get there … how to get around

Arrive by plane, flight FR7798, Departure from VLC at 09:50 and arrival at MLA at…
The flight was short. In addition to the jovial and cordial staff on board, it influenced the fact that we anticipated a little over an hour and a half over the estimated time.

Upon arrival at Malta Airport there were television cameras waiting for the "flight". It was the first, regular line of this Company that made the route Valencia – Malta.

Malta International Airport is located in Gudja. It is connected to Valletta with a bus line (which I will discuss in the next section). There is also taxi service and car rental. Telephone: +35621249600. The Airport has a Tourist Information center. (See Section I.- Information).

Once at the airport, to get around I used the Bus. Specifically, line 8 is the one that makes the route Airport – Fuente del Tritón de Valletta, which is its Bus terminal.

In the following photo, bus number 8.

At first, the truth is that it hits you a little. If you do not carry a suitcase, the price of the trip is € 0.47, for adults and children the price is € 0.35. The bus line no. 8 makes the journey Valetta – Gudja – Malta Int. Airport. From 5.30 to 20.00, with a periodicity of 20 min. approx. The driver is paid. You can also get "tickets": The newspaper: € 3.49. 3 days: € 9.32. 5 days: € 11.65 and finally, the 7-day bonus: € 13.98. We take another bus to go to Sliema. (Valletta – Sliema. –Msida-Gzira-Sliema Strand-Balluta-St. Georges Bay-St. Julians- You can travel, with the following lines: 62, 64, 67 and 68).

As for the Taxi service, those of white color have a meter (telephone 236960719) can be taken at the Airport Terminal, in the Strand of Sliema and in Spinola, Paceville of St. Julians.

If you prefer to walk, be very careful, on the Maltese Islands, drive on the left on public roads. At crossings, vehicles that come from your left have preference. Also preferred is the vehicle that enters a roundabout first. And if you walk, if you are a pedestrian, when driving on the Maltese Islands on the left, you must first look to the right, when crossing a street or road.

And finally, when the plane arrives, take a taxi or a bus or have rented a car (you have to take into account the traffic rules here, of which we have talked a bit already), also to move to Valletta, what You can do by ferry. From the Strand (in Sliema) to Valletta.

The service lasts about four or five minutes and is suspended when the weather conditions are adverse.
At this point, we are going to talk about something highly recommended: Make a cruise through the Puerto Grande, a panoramic cruise through the ports, leaving on the promenade of Sliema, entering the creek of Sliema, around Manoel Island and inside the cove of Lazzaretto, known today, as the Marina. We continue around Ta´Xbiex and Msida and Pietà Creek, passing next to the wall that encloses Valletta and Floriana, inside the Grand Port.

We will continue inside the Menqa cove, Marsa Creek, to see the shipyard located in the Cala de los Franceses. Passing around the Three Cities, Kalkara Creek, Rinella Bay and back to Sliema, having passed through the interior of 10 coves. I quote it here, because part of the port of Sliema, say, from where we took the picture in which the Cathedral Church of San Juan appears, but in the Valletta section I will treat it with more extension and include photographs. The price, to negotiate with those responsible for the ship. With those of the Luzzu Cruises, after much negotiation: € 15.00. We will talk about it later, including photographs.


I stayed, as I said, in the Sliema – St. Julians area, with excellent value for money. I always think that searching or orienting a place to stay is something personal and that there are guides that do it well; there is also the Internet to make things even easier for you. Anyway, from what I saw, because of its location and facilities, if I had to go back I could go to the Sliema Hotel, near where the ferry to Valletta starts and also the panoramic cruises of the Puerto Grande.

A comment that I think may be useful. In the Maltese Islands the source of electricity is 240 volts, but with the British standard 3-pin system. If you do not want surprises with the hair dryer the next morning, take a plug adapter (easy to get there in electricity stores and in souvenir stalls for tourists).
It can be useful:, and the phone number: 80072230 (toll free).


There are a number of Tourist Information Centers, both at the Malta Airport (Arrivals Terminal; phones: 23696073 and 23696074), as well as Valletta, at the City Gate (tº .: 21337747).

As soon as I arrived, at the airport they treated me with a smile and in a willing Spanish, explaining tours, places of interest and providing me with plans. On the street, if you speak English or are looking for someone, who speaks a little Italian and is not in a hurry, you can make yourself understand and solve your doubts. There is also the free information telephone number, which is included in the previous section.

Tours and opinion.

I liked to walk, from St. Julians, the Malta Hilton and Portomaso to the entrance of Manoel Island. In the morning, he went down along the shore of the sea and at sunset, he returned, let's say that inside and every time looking for a different route. The commercial establishments, whatever type they were, had nothing to do, nor did they resemble anything, those in one area and another.

Maybe, like any other place, but for me, with charm.

At night, I liked going through St. Julians and Paceville, full of bars and restaurants with terraces. An old neighborhood of St. Julians – Paceville – is the busiest area of ​​the entire Island of Malta, in addition to the indicated establishments, there is a busy casino. Peaceful place. A little further inside, the public establishments were finished and the private houses were open and the garden space was confused with that of the living room. Whether alone or accompanied, people who enjoyed the night, greeted you and invited you to join their group, to their party. Nothing was strident, nothing was in excess. I liked. All nearby, without losing sight of the sea and still perceiving it.

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