Travel in Europe by train

Travel by train It is an excellent way to meet different world tourist destinations. Within these destinations we have Europe. Travel in Europe by train it is very easy due to the wide railroad network which extends throughout the continent, in addition, the Europe rail services They grow every day in extension and services.

A recommended way of travel through Europe by train is through Inter-rail. He Inter-rail is a train ticket that will allow us to travel Europe destinations, Morocco, and even from an eastern part of Turkey within a maximum period of thirty days after the issuance of the ticket and the destination we choose.

The Inter-Rail train tickets They have variable prices depending on the time in which we want to travel, but, the prices have an average of 550 euros, except for the following exceptions: this price of 550 euros is for passengers under 26 years, for people over 26 years there is Inter-Rail 26+ which has an average of 750 euros; children under four years of age travel for free but have no right to a seat; and, children over four years old but under eleven years old pay 50 percent of the rate.

The requirements to acquire a Inter-Rail train ticket they are: to have residence in any of the European countries to travel with an age greater than six months, and present an identity document where our birth date is registered.

Once purchased the train ticket You must make a reservation for a seat on the train (it can be done sixty days in advance) so you don’t run out of space and have to wait for hours at the station. We must not forget that every time we travel to another country we must complete the pages of the Inter-rail with the data of the country of origin and destination.

If we are not Spanish residents and we want to travel through Europe by train we can opt for a similar trip in the Eurail Pass. He Eurail Pass It has six travel options, the Eurail Youth Pass, an option for children under 25 years of age and that allows you to visit more than fifteen countries in a period of three consecutive months without having to renew the ticket or pay extras. This three month limit is thinking of tourists who can only apply for a visa for a maximum period of 90 days.

The Eurail Pass train tickets They include bus routes and ferries to save time. Its price compared to Inter-Rail does not make much difference, both services counting on train tickets from 140 to 1400 euros.

For travel in Europe by train Without complications, we recommend the following:

Documentation and medical insurance. It is ideal to have a copy of train tickets, reservations and others to avoid mishaps in the face of a loss of documentation. In addition, acquire medical insurance to be able to be treated in the face of any health problem.

Money. In Europe there is an extensive network of ATMs so we recommend traveling with credit and debit cards, having only the necessary cash.

Language. If we travel to a country where our native language is not spoken, it is important to have some specific questions and words written, as well as to have a tour guide.

Reservations and itinerary. Making the reservation of the train and accommodation is the first thing before starting to plan our itinerary. Then, we must document each country and select which ones we will visit since it is unlikely to be able to visit all the cities of Europe in one trip.

Luggage. It is advisable to only carry what is necessary to avoid extra weight. And, remember that in almost all stations there are lockers where we can leave our bags if we have to make a stop in any city.

Finally, remind you that if you are looking to optimize your time, ideally, you will sleep on the trains to earn hours a day. The services of the hotel trains They can be requested at the time of booking the ticket and upon payment of an extra that does not usually exceed 25 euros per night.

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