Travel in the USA: car rental

If your next travel destination is U.S and you plan to rent a car to get to know the city, in Viajesjet we give you a series of recommendations for car rental in United States.

Reserve the car. If we are going to rent a car in the United States, it is advisable to consult the travel agency to carry out the car reservation of our preference and in the state of the country where we are going to travel. The reservation has a duration of thirty days – if you need more time you must make an additional reservation – and, do not forget to ask about the rates to receive the car with a full gas tank.

The rates In relation to the rates, although we can take advantage of the change from euros to dollars, very contrary to what happens with other services, the prices of car rental in United States They have progressively increased. most of car rental offers They include basic insurance and unlimited mileage. The weekly rate has an average of US $ 300 (not including the costs of deposits, gasoline, taxes, additional driver, or extra coverage).

To make the payment we can use Credit cards such as American Express, Diner’s Club, MasterCard, and Visa. If we do not have a credit card we can make a prepayment of $ 200 for each week of rental and cancel the final amount at the time of returning the vehicle.

Requirements To drive in the United States we must have a valid driver's license and be over 21 years old. In addition, if we are under 25 years of age we must pay an extra guarantee (variable amount according to each car rental agency). At the time of renting we will be asked for: the plane ticket, valid passport and driving license.

Recommended agencies. Some car rental agencies recommended in the United States for their low costs and popularity are: CarRentals, Hertz, Avis, CarRentalExpress, RentarcarMagic and FatWallet.

Finally, if you are going to car rental in United States, we recommend: do not rent a car at the airport because the rate is usually increased by 30 percent; if you have the means to take out insurance with additional coverage for car theft and accidents, the average cost being 15 US dollars a day; if you travel with children under four years do not forget to do the Rent-a-car with a special seat for children for an average of 4 US dollars a day; and, if you need an additional driver you must request it in the agency of car rental for an average of ten dollars a day.

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