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Travel medical insurance

In order to enjoy a trip in peace, we must take all necessary precautions so that we and our companions have a safe stay outside the country. Being the most advisable to acquire a travel medical insurance especially for those countries where the attention to foreigners is only given in private clinics of very high prices or where the medical assistance It is not of good quality and the traveler ends up being repatriated in case of illness or accident.

Although one does not think about illnesses or accidents when traveling alone or with the family, it is advisable to acquire a travel medical insurance why:

The Medical insurance provided by companies have worldwide coverage (having to make an extra payment if the destination is in a military conflict) so we can be treated in any country either due to illness or accidents.

We will have a wide range of clinics and private doctors that we can access if needed medical support. We will choose the hospital of our choice and we will have consultants in case we need guidance on medical facilities and treatments that we can access.

We can access emergency services They provide medical assistance 24 hours a day.

If we do not have enough money to cover the costs of care, the insurance will cover them directly to the hospital where we are. We may request the addresses and names of healthcare professionals Let them speak our language.

The travel medical insurance It also covers risks if we have an accident performing an adventure sport or high risk, although, in no case by accident on motorcycles, car races or high-speed competitions.

In case of death, the travel medical insurance will cover the repatriation of the beneficiary of the insurance to their country of origin.

When hiring a travel medical insurance We must not forget: Request information on health care agreements that the insurance has between the country of origin and destination; Check what are the conditions of travel medical insurance that we are going to hire and what is the coverage; Acquire special travel medical insurance if we are destined for a country with high health risks; and, learn the procedures to follow if we must request assistance and refunds.

Finally, never forget to wear in the hand luggage, a copy of the certificate of travel medical insurance and the contact details of the company.

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