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Travel on Halloween

If you want to live from an intense experience in the Halloween night, then go ahead and visit any of the following terrifying destinations that we have listed in the following Halloween travel recommendations.

Inn Langres in Chalindrey

Grasmere House in Stonehenge, England. This is an ancient construction that would have had the sole purpose of performing religious ceremonies to worship the dead. The legend says that here you could communicate with people from beyond, and that even today you can hear some whispers. Would you dare to go around here?

M’ar de Ar Muralhas, Évora. Portugal hides among its darkest attractions the famous Chapel of Bones, a horrifying scenario that was built with the bodies of 5000 people. The person in charge was a monk of the Franciscan order in the fifteenth century. Today is the perfect place to spend an October 31 movie.

Grasmere House in Stonehenge

The M’Ar De Ar Muralhas hotel. In Portugal we find this sinister hotel with rooms set in a classic style, lamps and a lot of darkness. Spending the night in this hotel is possible from 87 euros, enjoying the best local cuisine and a true historical museum that hides strange legends. Can you spend the night here?

Palazzo Caracciolo in Naples, Italy. A city with culture, tradition, and many beliefs about the dead. If you are going to spend a day in this small town it is very easy to hear horror stories, underground catacombs and creepy museums that will leave you perplexed.

Palazzo Caracciolo in Naples

Langres Inn in Chalindrey, France. And if there is something more terrifying than a chapel or a hotel, then we are talking about an entire city, which borders the Swiss border and is a true ghost town. And if all that was not enough, the place is set in medieval times.

Only the brave are able to come on October 31. Among the surroundings we can find hotels at low cost and some establishments to eat something in step. During the day the site is more beautiful, with natural landscapes and many areas to take photos.

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