Travel through the Costa de Azahar

120 kilometers across its entire region, 120 kilometers of beaches where the sun rests its golden reflections all over the sand, guarded by endless extensions of orange trees that let their aroma be felt along the route along the beach.

Orange blossom

At the end of the harsh winter this beach begins to make its first calls to tourists to give themselves to its spring charm that already shows the bud of its first white flowers impregnated with sweet aromas throughout the Castellón coast.

Orange blossom

Azahar receives its name from the lonely and small coves that are found along this coast of multiple tourist centers, where every tourist will arrive to enjoy wetting their feet in the warm waters of the beaches of Benicassim and Oropesa de Mar, enjoy the cuisine of the region in the ports of Vinarós and Benicarló, ohh … beautiful fishing ports full of sea delicacies … the biggest exponent being the largest mostly active fishing area, the town of Vinarós, where every visit will include a good meal seafront seafood accompanied by prawns, prawns and mussels among others.

Orange blossom

Besides going a little further we can make our way to the huge open-air museum, the imposing castle of Pope Luna crowded over the ancient city of Peñiscola!

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