Travel through the Picos de Europa

A trip that no doubt every explorer and enthusiastic traveler must have listed in memory of experiences and trips.

Picos de Europa

To the north of Spain, extending from Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla. With a height of 2,500 meters, near the Cantabrian Sea. From where we can arrive from Santander, then by means of a bus that will take us directly to the Picos de Europa. Where the beauty of nature is felt from the narrow and profiled path where buses travel in one direction. From the top, we can observe if the weather favors the vast green fields. Most of the time the weather is cold and cloudy, which gives a special visibility effect to the tops of snow-covered peaks. Where we can reach their base, where after a walk we will reach the lakes of Covadonga.

To stay well, you can go to Potes the largest and best known town near the Picos de Europa, where there are many facilities to stay from hotels of great elegance to the traditional style of the town as small cabins in the high parts of the mountains from where we can observe the peaks of Europe from our windows.

Picos de Europa

A great adventure for all those who enjoy rural tourism, surely there will be a walk to the top of the hills, which is quite safe since strokes and guides have been placed for its ascent without any risk and thus guarantee the maximum satisfaction at its summit, from where we will observe the lakes at its base.

Picos de Europa

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