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Travel Valencia – City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is a complex of buildings dedicated to culture and knowledge in a fun and entertaining way. This complex is located in Valencia, inside the old channel of the TĂşria river, which was renovated to give rise to a large park full of beauty that is worth traveling to.

The park consists of “L’Hemisfèric”, “L’OceanogrĂ fic”, “L’Umbracle”, “Palacio de las Artes Reina SofĂ­a” and “PrĂ­ncipe Felipe Science Museum” all built in a unique spot of incalculable beauty , then I give you a brief description of each of the buildings so that you have an orientation when traveling.

L’Hesmifèric: An enclosure where the highest quality audio and video come together on an oval screen where different audiovisual shows are played: Planetarium, IMAX cinema and Laserium.


L’Oceanogràfic: One of the largest aquariums in Europe with more than 500 marine species from all corners of the world.


L’Umbracle: This is what the whole walk is called, decorated with different plant species building an extraordinary place.

Palace of the Arts: An auditorium complex where you can enjoy concerts, opera, theater.

Science Museum: A great place to learn fun and family small curiosities, experiments and information on different scientific subjects.

Science Museum

The City of Arts and Sciences is a good place to travel either alone or with your family if you have the opportunity to stroll through the Valencian capital.

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