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Traveler suggestions: your first cruise

If it’s the first time we’re going to travel in a cruise and we seek to have the Best vacations, it is ideal that we take into account some tips when organizing our trip in order to make the most of it.

To plan. For to travel on a cruiser And doing it at a good price is ideal: organize our trip well in advance or wait for the offers that usually exist on bridges such as Easter. When making the reservation we must verify that the services and amenities to which we will have access are detailed, as well as, all those for which we will have to pay separately. If we travel with children, we must make sure that they have childcare as they can participate in activities and events for children and can have fun as much as we do.

Health. If we suffer from any disease we must take a good dose of our medicines to our trip, in addition, apply any vaccine that is required in order to avoid tropical diseases, etc. It is ideal to purchase insurance for the days we are on the high seas and, if we are one of those who usually suffer from nausea and tides, we must have some pills on hand that allow us to stabilize in the first days on board.

Luggage. In the cruise trips light clothes are usually worn although we must always have some warm or at least long-sleeved clothes and a suit or dress for a dinner or a party. As you never know if it will rain, an umbrella and rain shoes are ideal, as well as bathing clothes and beach accessories. In our luggage you can not miss the camera, batteries, chargers, and if we are fond of technology a GPS, MP3 or others.

When boarding. We must arrive at the port in advance as the schedule of cruise ship departure It is usually more accurate than flights. To board, we must present our identity document and passport so that they can give us the luggage cards and some other document that will help us identify ourselves on board.

Finally, it is important to note that in the cruise Tip prices are usually included for restaurant and cabin staff, but, if this is not the case, it is recommended to deliver an average of 8 US dollars (6 euros) per day of stay.

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