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Traveler’s advice: Beware of water and food

One of the main precautions that we should have when traveling is the watch out for water and food. Travelers should be careful what we eat and drink, especially if we travel to a tropical country because contaminated food and drinks They are one of the main causes of illness in the traveler. Each year the number of travelers who are victims of an infectious disease increases and the number of diseases that put their health at risk. Therefore, for prevent health problems when traveling, we must:

– Wash our hands frequently and impressibly before and after eating, going to the bathroom or handling food.

– Do not consume ice if we do not know the treatment that the water has received.

– Drink only water, soft drinks and bottled drinks.

– Only consume milk derivatives that are pasteurized.

– Avoid buying food at street vendors.

– Do not eat raw vegetables and avoid fruits that we do not fight. We recommend that we wash food, cook and fight ourselves.

– Prefer cooked meals and serve hot.

– Avoid sauces that have raw eggs as a preparation base.

– Avoid shellfish and raw fish. In travelers, gastroenteritis is common due to this type of food, especially the consumption of clams, mussels, oysters, and others.

– Preferably avoid the beaches and prefer the pools with chlorinated water. If we go to a beach, find out if they are areas of jellyfish, hedgehogs, or others that are irritating to the skin. The same in the city, avoid contact with animals that prevent bites or stings.

– Avoid walking barefoot especially in tropical areas where we can find snakes and scorpions.

The only way to enjoy some nice vacation It is not to get carried away by the appearance of food and carefully select everything we think to eat and drink. If we follow these safety measures, we will decrease the chances of getting sick during the trip. We must remember that there is no vaccine against these diseases and that the use of antibiotics is not recommended. Also, keep in mind that the precautions vary according to the country of destination, time of year, and duration of the trip.

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