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Traveler’s advice: what to do if you lose your luggage

Travel for business, family or pleasure reasons is usually a pleasant experience, however, something that can ruin the moment is the lose suitcases. Even, it is not uncommon to see the travelers somewhat tense until they see their bags pass by the airport conveyor belt. If you find yourself facing a baggage loss situation, you must do the following:

  • The first thing is to calm you down, anger or frustration can limit your ability to react to the situation. The second is to check that you keep all the travel documentation which will be necessary at the time of claiming: plane ticket, luggage billing label, boarding pass.
  • If you suffer a lost luggage, it is the airline responsible and who should be responsible for either total, partial theft, damage or delay in the delivery of your bags.
  • Any user who suffers a lost luggage You can request compensation from the airline and, in addition, you can complete the Baggage Irregularity Part (PIR) – claim that allows you to request the recovery of your luggage and that must be delivered at the counters of the European Airlines Association (known in English as AEA) -. To submit this claim you have a period of 10 days (domestic flights) or 21 days (international flights). If what we want to claim are damage to suitcases or partial thefts, it is advisable to make the claim immediately although there is a deadline of seven days.
  • It is important to know that all compensation requests They prescribe at six months and we only have 24 months to start any type of legal process. To avoid a legal process, most of the airlines They make refunds of clothing purchased by the passenger or make payments for each day of delay of the suitcase because the rules indicate that they must cover the incidents that passengers face when not having their suitcase or travel suitcases.
  • The indemnities have a maximum amount for either lost luggage or their deterioration: 19 euros per kilo billed on domestic flights (568 euros maximum) and 28.4 euros per kilo billed on international flights (1,136 euros maximum). In the case of having invoiced all the luggage, the airline must cover the total value of the same.
  • To decrease the chances of suffering a lost luggage, we recommend the following:

  • Choose an unusual color for your suitcase, that way you can visualize it better on the conveyor belt or its description will be easier for you.
  • Complete the luggage labels with your personal data visibly (inside and outside the suitcase), you can even place a color mark that makes it visible inside so many suitcases.
  • Put in your hand luggage everything essential and valuable that you take to the trip, for example: documentation, money, medicines, contact phones, cameras, camcorders, mobiles, chargers, computers and others.
  • If you are traveling accompanied, it is best not to carry all the luggage in one suitcase, better distribute it in several, so if one is lost you will not be very damaged and you can be well during the claim process.
  • Inform you about the coverage – in lost luggage – of the airline you have chosen to travel. If you travel with valuables, it is best to take out additional insurance.
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