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Traveling in business class: what do airlines offer their passengers?

Although plane tickets in bussiness class they can cost up to ten times more than that of a tourist class square, these have a series of services and distinctions in attention that make them attractive to many of the travelers.

What do airlines offer their passengers in bussiness class? This will depend on the type of flight, the duration and the services that the company has, so, for example, at least it can be a seat with more space, beverage service and personalized meals (counting some with international gastronomy menu services ), preferential treatment at check-in and boarding until they transfer us to the airport in a luxury car, massages, reclining seats type bed or a special cabin by passage, video service with channels and movies that are not distributed in economy class, among others .

The differences between a Tourist class and one bussiness class It starts in most cases since we arrived at the airport (although there are some companies that have luxury limousine pre-transfer services there are even airlines such as Malaysian Airlines that transfer their VIP clients by helicopters to the terminal in Kuala Lumpur.

If we travel from Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the airline Iberia provides the custody and car insurance service when we leave it at the airport, for all those clients that are part of its Iberia Plus Platino and Iberia Plus Oro programs. This free service is three days when we travel within Europe, Africa or the Middle East and seven days if we travel to destinations within America, South Africa and Dakar.

When we arrive at the airport, the first class passengers and bussiness We will have preferential service to check the luggage, we can carry double or triple the amount of kilos allowed that can transport the economy class passengers and our bags will be marked preferentially so that they are the first to be delivered (in the miles programs, bussiness passengers usually receive double or triple miles for a trip than the economy class passenger).

Bussiness passengers will have access to the VIP lounge of the airport (where they can rest or work), in addition, these rooms have free internet connection, fax service, multimedia systems, buffet and beverage tastings, including massage services and facials.

Finally, bussiness travelers usually receive an exclusive toilet set on board the plane where they have blankets, sheets, soaps and colognes in the most basic sets because in some companies such as Singapore Airlines, VIP customers will receive products from brands such as Givenchy and pajamas and sleeping shoes.

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