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Traveling in the Cultural Heritage City, Alcalá de Henares

A few kilometers from the Spanish capital Madrid, we find a developed Bacchante city that enjoys art and nightlife, a city that has been recognized as a cultural heritage, by the passage of several popular writers, such as who wrote: El Quijote de La Mancha, written by Cervantes. To whom they have dedicated busts and statues in his honor.


Alcala enjoys an order and cleanliness that is worthy of imitating in its streets and neighborhoods, this is to tell the agetriada party life that occurs in the city, the nightlife begins at 10 at night although many meet from the morning, who continue throughout the day. The place of appointment is the Cervantes square, where we have the main statue in honor of the writer which was recently restored, at the beginning of this new year. Then, we walk along the street with the longest columns in Spain, its name is Calle Mayor, which is a long, cobbled stretch, with wide columns of stone and cement supporting the high floors that enclose the main street. Along the way, we find a great diversity of shops, clothes, food, accessories, sports, soaps, etc … it is to be named.

The Quijote

The gastronomy is varied. Finding everything for a strong lunch to a snack to share with friends in a bar. Popular neighborhood, to enjoy a cane and the popular “Pincho” that accompanies all the bars-restaurants in the region.

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