Trekking and adventure photos

We have brought you some of the best trekking and adventure photos, for all of you who love nature, feel the fresh air of the forests, the oxygen that is breathed in the humid forests and the exciting challenges of freedom.

Some of the best destinations worldwide to enjoy the Trekking & AdventureThey range from the expeditions to the white and cold Antarctic, where the western coast and the routes along the sea canals are explored. In addition, the Sahara deserts, by Algeria, where the largest deposits of oil and natural gas are found, not only this, but a rich vision of dunes, volcanic peaks, large oases, plateaus and several canyons.

1- Welcome to the insurmountable Trekking experience!
Trekking & Adventure Pictures

2- Discovering the Chalten, the capital of Trekking
Photo of Trekking in El Chalten

3- One of the most exotic routes and quoted by the Trekkers, the Himalayas
Photo of Trekking in the Himalayas

4- Through Trekking, travelers discover landscapes and horizons hidden from the regular tourist, such as Lake Kandol!
Photo of Lake Kandol, Trekking

5- So to live the adventure of Trekking, enjoying a new horizon with every curve you walk!

Images of Trekking in El Chalten

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