Trekking and adventure

versiontravel presents some of the best places in the world for all those travelers who enjoy Trekking & Adventure, where you can make endless trips, from the top of Antarctica, going down through Algeria until finally descending to the Latin countries of Argentina and Bolivia.

Trekking & Adventure

To begin, we tell you that Trekking as an adventure, many times is not for any fan, since some of the destinations, for the most part, require high preparation is, several routes where to reach the thick and humid jungles , and the high mountains are reached in 4 × 4 vehicles, the accommodation is between cabins and shops. As for example, one of the most sought-after and most attractive is the Angola route, from Windhoek to Luanda, then come the Antarctic expeditions, where several of the peninsulas and caverns are explored, navigating the Beagle Channel, a nice tour to know the local fauna, such as seals, penguins, elephant seals, etc …

Photos of the Trekking in the Andean Alps, in South America

As to Latin America, almost all the countries that make it up offer excellent opportunities for Trekking & Adventure, due to its high amount of mountains, hills and volcanoes, as well as having landscapes of great natural beauty.

Photos of the Volcanoes of South America

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