Trekking in Alicante

In Alicante we will also find ideal routes for hiking, whether we are apprentices or athletes at an expert level. This destination is recognized as one of the most mountainous in Spain, making it a paradise for adventure sports fans.

Hiking in Alicante

Among the routes we can choose for hiking in Alicante we find: Sierra Espuña Route, this part has almost thirty hectares with peaks that will take us to more than fifteen hundred meters. This mountainous massif has valleys and peaks ideal for hiking. The route is circular and its difficulty is medium.

Trekking in Alicante

The Vall de Laguar. Located in Alicante, this hiking route offers us more than fourteen kilometers in a circular route and in medium difficulty. The recommended time to perform is in spring and autumn since it does not have many shaded spaces.

hiking in Alicante

Silla del Cid from La Rabosa, this Valencian route is located in the Xorret de Catí area and extends for almost thirteen kilometers. It is a simple path to travel since its slope is little and we can do it in an average of five hours. It has all the necessary signage and can be explored all year.

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